Amsterdam Light Festival by Boat

I had the pure pleasure of taking an evening canal cruise with two out-of-towners who were visiting Amsterdam from Zurich. Madeleine and Jona are mutual friends, both whip smart, kind, and ideal evening canal cruise dates. It was a chilly night, so … [Read more...]

Amsterdam by Night

'Tis the season when an already stirringly beautiful city becomes the movie set version of itself. Behold, Amsterdam lit for the holiday season! Above is Utrechtsestraat. Here's Amsterdam outdoing itself: … [Read more...]

Brunching at Paper Planes, Amsterdam

I won't give up brunch. I'll give up 24-hour everything and an apartment with roof access. I'll even give up walking really fast (sometimes). But, of all the New York-y parts of me, brunch isn't going. That's why I jump on the latest reputable place … [Read more...]

Gezellig Friendsgiving

When I lived in Istanbul, my Turkish roommate had a saying I found very touching: "Guests leave more than they take, so [as a host] be generous." She said her family followed this value because of their religion. The saying struck a very positive … [Read more...]

A Cupcake Crawl in Amsterdam

I had the pleasure of experiencing a 360° sugar rush after cupcake crawling to three bakeries in Amsterdam. A friend here needed to do some research as she is considering opening a baking company and needed to get a sense of the city's sweets … [Read more...]

What Europe Thinks of America (and vice versa)

Happy Friday! True. True. True. As confirmed by a real European and a real American. … [Read more...]